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ESG Guide

Taking the Right Strides in the SOC Modernization Journey


A new chapter is being written across businesses as they embrace the era of digital transformation, cloud computing and work-from-anywhere. But within the nerve centers that are tasked with safeguarding this expanding real estate for adversaries to operate, it’s often the same old story.

Even as data protection and cybercrime defense become a mission-critical activity for organizations, many security operations teams are still grappling with chronic challenges and remain restricted by long-standing limitations.

This new paper from ESG analyzes the state of affairs in the SOC and offers practical (and occasionally technical) solutions to help place you squarely on a path beyond casual adjustments to full-on detection and response transformation.

Download the paper to discover best practices for a successful SecOps journey, including:

  • The pillars of a modern SecOps program, from scale and flexibility to automation
  • How to restructure the SOC’s workforce model
  • The role of technology, including making sense of XDR
  • The benefits of detection engineering and a site reliability engineering (SRE) team style
  • Advice for getting buy-in from stakeholders outside of the SOC
  • Plus much more!


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