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Top Security Playbooks

Knowing exactly which steps to take when an alert emerges is a prerequisite for successful security operations. Playbooks not only help ensure predictable and consistent results before, during and after an incident, but they also aid in  empowering your analysts and cutting down on mistakes.

Given the complex and frenetic nature of cybersecurity, many different types of cases will summon the attention of your SOC. But you can find relief in leveraging common playbooks developed by our in-house experts and tried and tested by our global customer base.

Read this paper to discover:

  • Best practices for common playbook creation and flows, covering enrichment & context, investigation, and containment & remediation.
  • Playbook examples for phishing, ransomware, data leakage and more.
  • The importance of context when prioritizing alerts.
  • The benefits of building your playbooks in a SOAR platform.