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SANS 2022 SOC Survey

Whether you are part of a physical location responsible for monitoring, detection, investigation and response of threats – or you merely employ an architecture and capabilities that address this mission – (or outsource for such services), you are running a SOC.

As such, SOCs are ubiquitous, and few deny the importance of the function to not only the overall security unit, but the organization as a whole. That is why it is critical to understand exactly how this domain is functioning in light of the many influences, from cloud adoption to skills shortages, shaping its current state and future standing.

The SANS 2022 SOC Survey, an all-encompassing global study based on responses from over 500 respondents across business sizes, evaluates key SOC success measures, including staffing (and how to best retain staff), technology and budgeting.

Download the survey today, and immediately compare your team to your peers!

What’s in the guide?

  • Are trends going in the right direction?
  • Does your staffing match growth?
  • Do capabilities match your business needs?
  • Are your solutions working?
  • Are metrics measuring what matters?

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