reCAPTCHA Enterprise

Thank you for your interest in the reCAPTCHA Enterprise program. Please complete and submit this form and our team will get back to you within 3-5 business days. Applying does not guarantee admission. 

Defend your website

Fraudulent web activities cost enterprises billions of dollars each year. Security teams need to keep the bad actors out of their websites and ensure that their customers can always get in. reCAPTCHA has been defending millions of sites for almost a decade, and the reCAPTCHA Enterprise service builds on this technology with capabilities designed specifically for enterprise security concerns. With reCAPTCHA Enterprise, you can defend your website against fraudulent activity like scraping, credential stuffing, and automated account creation and help prevent costly exploits from automated bots. And, just like reCAPTCHA v3, reCAPTCHA Enterprise will never interrupt your users with a challenge, so you can run it whenever you like without affecting conversion.