Autonomic Security Operations

10X Transformation of the Security Operations Center

In order to protect your organization and people in a digital-native world, Security Operations teams need to adapt to a new operating model to adequately prevent, detect, and respond to adversaries in the rapidly evolving techno-centric planet. 

Our approach to modernizing and transforming the Security Operations Center (SOC) to maintain velocity with the ever-evolving climate of technology is heavily dependent on human ability to creatively problem solve security challenges at scale. This engineering-centric perspective allows us to focus on developing solutions to security problems rather than maintaining status quo through day-to-day operations of threat management. 

In this white paper, we’ll discuss:

  • Why the SOC needs to transform
  • What Autonomic Security Operations is
  • How to achieve Autonomic Security Operations 

Whether you’re taking this transformation journey on your own, or you’d like to partner with Google, we’re here to provide valuable insights and help you along the way.